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Specialists in IT solutions for Agriculture

We develop and implement specialized IT services and solutions for agriculture


IT Makers was founded in 2008 under the name Tramasoft TIC Solutions as an enterprise supported by the Parque Tecnológico del Software foundation of Ibagué at the time. Thanks to its remarkable results in designing websites, it began working with the Chamber of Commerce of Ibagué to manage and build a project for creating websites for entrepreneurs, the first step towards recognition in the region. By identifying needs and trends in the market, Tramasoft specialized in custom web software development and successfully worked with different public and private entities in Tolima and other regions such as Neiva, Bucaramanga and Bogotá.

In 2014, due to the need to initiate larger projects, participate in calls for proposals, create alliances, strengthen various aspects internally and position itself nationally and internationally, Tramasoft decided to change its name and establish a legal entity under the name TIC Makers SAS. As a result of the experience gained from executing projects, it launched three standard web products, a system for academic management, a system for managing and accrediting events, and a system for managing legal cases.

To tackle more complex projects, TIC Makers began training and improving various processes by implementing development methodologies and best practices such as SCRUM, PSP/TSP, PMI processes, creating a quality department and an information security department.

In an effort to strengthen the IT sector in the region, TIC Makers took the initiative to support the reactivation of ParqueSoft for Tolima, bringing together a group of companies that also envision an entity that articulates and integrates science, technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship with other institutions for the region. TIC Makers, as one of the founding partners, has participated in coaching and accelerating startups, organizing business rounds for the sector, and formulating and managing projects.

TIC Makers provides services such as IT project management, adopting PMI project management best practices; web and mobile application development, improving processes and productivity with solutions tailored to the needs of clients and allies, using the best technologies and development best practices; and web design, creating attractive websites optimized for different devices and focused on the user to enhance their brand and attract real opportunities.

In 2020, it decided to change its name to IT Makers SAS, driven by an international vision for its products and services, and due to the execution of mostly agro projects, it decided to specialize in this field, continuing and improving the Itagüe and Ofercampo products and focusing on the Science, Technology, and Innovation project line.

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We identify, design, develop, and implement specialized IT services and solutions for agriculture that generate value and contribute to the success of our clients and allies.



By 2025, we will be a company with outstanding recognition in the implementation of IT solutions oriented towards the field and regulatory frameworks, being a reference of good practices of quality, customer service, and innovation that constantly expands its reach in the global market.


If you want to access the legal documents of the company, click on them:

  • Cámara de comercio
  • RUT
  • RUP
  • Certificados ISO 27001-2013
  • Certificados ISO 9001-2015
  • Certificado UGPP
  • Certificado RETIE
  • Certificado Marca Pais.
  • Certificación proyecto de innovación Pasarela de Pagos TNS.
  • Derechos de Autor Portal TNS y Visual TNS.
  • Términos y condiciones de Portal TNS y Visual TNS.
  • Formato Auto-diagnóstico Nube Ver. 2.00.

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